Years of innovation, research and development have enabled Comansa Rental cranes to position themselves as leaders on the market. The company's ascension is justified by these advantages :

  • Ease and speed of installation due, among others, to the absence of a wire above the mast.
  • Prolonged life duration of the metallic structure with the use of the flat-top technology, which minimizes tension differences on the elements.
  • Maximized height by a maximum height under the hook while maintaining minimum total height.
  • Crossing ease for several cranes: the spacing can be of a mast section only.
  • Cost reduction for installation and dismantling.
  • Flexibility and ease in exchanging parts between the various models due to the modular design system.
  • Ease of erecting the structure, since the Comansa Rental mast sections (towers) are pin-joined and are thus easier to erect and do not require any maintenance. 
  • Smoother movements, thanks to the controlled frequency winch offering the possibility of placing lifted loads more easily and precisely, without stages or fluctuations.
  • Efficient acceleration up to the speed permitted by the winch, thanks to the frequency converter which knows the weight lifted by the crane at all times.
  • Precision of load deposit, thanks to the precise positioning mode, a mechanism which makes fine, careful, and precise load deposits possible.

Each crane element is built in order to respect and surpass high-quality and robustness standards.


500 Series

2100 Series

For more information on the cranes, see data sheets under the Data sheets tab. 

For additional information regarding these specific models or all other Linden-Comansa cranes, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also consult the manufacturer's website at and Linden-Comansa America's at

Comansa Rental tower cranes used on the work site of the new Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (University of Montreal Hospital Centre) (CHUM).