Grues FlattopThe modern flat-top technology of the Comansa Rental tower cranes enables to push the limits of your project’s design even further. The Comansa Rental team has solutions for all types of achievement restrictions.

The flat-top technology allows for beneficial access to protected areas with an air ceiling, such as near airports. Comansa Rental flat-top cranes have been erected, among others, at the Edmonton International Airport (Alberta), the P.E. Trudeau Airport in Montréal (Québec) and the Jean-Lesage International Airport in Québec City (Québec).

This technology allows great savings in installation costs since it is not necessary to install pendant lines which are generally more than 10 m (33’) high.  For a same working height under the hook, flat-top cranes require a smaller mobile crane during the installation, compared to other crane technologies.


COMANSA is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of Flat-Top tower cranes. The company is constantly improving its models in order to offer an ever innovative and bold range of cranes.

To read further on the international company and its modern and robotic plant, visit the Comansa website.